Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Life’s like it! A Mural

Every detail in your life has a reason and purpose, and the story of your life doesn’t end yesterday nor today. Don’t live a boring and unproductive life. Don’t just exist. Live! Paint a good life.

Mural is a large piece of artwork, usually painted on a wall or ceiling, in which the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously applied into the master piece.

When you stand close to a Mural, you can see the details—the beauty of the skillfully painted intricate details or the imperfections of the strokes and the hues. When look at it a few distance away, you can see the entire picture—the work of art formed by the combination of the plain and elaborate details and of the dark and light colors and the combination of the imperfections.

Life’s like it! A Mural.

When we examine our lives daily, sometimes we don’t see the reason, or we can’t see the purpose, why some things arrive in our lives or certain events happen to us. But whenever we try to step out of and detach ourselves from the situation, we gradually realize the reason why such things or events happen to us.

The mural is the beauty and meaning conceived by the skill, imperfections, dark, and light elements of our lives.

Living our lives daily is like painting the smallest details of our own murals. We have failures, successes, heartbreaks, breakthroughs, disappointments, victories to tell.

Some parts are dark colored, others bright. Some portions are complex, others simple. Some painted on the corners, others on the center. These elements have their own right places and own roles in your life.

Because the mural is so big, some dark parts could mean non-sense when you look at it closely, or some strokes seem out of place. But when you take steps back, you will see how the dark parts harmoniously blend with the light and bright colors and the beauty it adds to the entire piece, or how the senseless strokes magically form the elegant images of the mural.

So whatever the previous years painted in your vast mural, don’t  sneer, they are just part and parcel of the master piece that is not yet complete. Don’t stay content either. For as you live each day, the meaning and beauty of the mural is revealed in half concealing.

You are in control. You hold the brush and the palette. You can always make the entire master piece become the image you envision it to be. Or, if in the middle of the course you have a change of heart, you can always continue and paint your story the way you want it to be.

You always have a story to paint, a life to live.

So jump off your couch. Don’t just analyze and plan. Move and progress, so once your mural is complete, it will tell a beautiful story of your life—just the way you intended to live it.

You are the painter, you are in control. But God gives you the skill and the imagination. So pray for His guidance and wisdom in order for you to interpret well the things that you have just painted (past) and so you will have the skill and genius to continue incorporating in it the right elements (now) to achieve the vision that you want to achieve (future).

You don't have to go far or do grand things in order to make meaning out of your daily lives. Just livewherever you may be. Be productive. Improve. Keep on learning. Interact with people, including those you see everyday. Make the most of the moment...seize it. Don't hover regretting. Move over growing.

Every detail in your life has a reason and purpose, and the story of your life doesn’t end yesterday nor today.

Do you want a colorful life, a simple life, or an elegant life? Don’t just sit there. Make it!

Life becomes more meaningful when it is lived actively, not passively and safely. When we let ourselves experience and explore the various emotions out there we learn more and appreciate life from a different perspective.

Don’t be restricted by your disappointments yesterday. Break-free and breakthrough!

Don’t be content of your success of the past. Move forward!

Don’t live a boring and unproductive life. Don’t just exist. Live!

Paint a good life.

Happy new year! May you have a colorful year ahead filled with love, joy, good health, prosperity, and victories! Be grateful for every thing that will happen… God has prepared the beautiful story of your life already. You just have to live it!