Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the only Surrender that reaps Victory

In my few months of inactivity in the blogosphere, I experienced and discovered a lot of things (most of them great and wonderful things!) that I wish I could share them all with you in just one seating.

I am an optimistic and grateful person by nature; however, my imaginative and analytic mind occasionally weighs down my high and pumped up spirit—as my imagination causes me interruption and my analysis a paralysis. I dream and aim high, but my time bucket was leaking minute by minute.

So, I resolved to pursue my goals effectively (doing right things) and efficiently (doing things right) to achieve excellent (doing right things right) results.

With this, I immediately started to figure out where I would start and how I would sustain my progress until I achieve my goals and continue to achieving more, for His glory.

From my experiences, observation, and lessons from friends’ stories...
 ‘good preparation’ proves itself to be indispensable;
 ‘punctuality’ associates itself to victory;
 ‘constant practice’ establishes credibility even without the help of words
 ‘taming of tongue’ molds one to be wise;
 ‘gratitude and joy’ invisibly floats one up to success;
 ‘upright character’ sustains one on top;
 ‘positive thoughts and words’ amazingly change lives (yours and others);
…and most importantly,
 ‘unwavering complete faith’ in Him keeps one on the right track.

I saw how the combination of these eight works in the lives of my friends and other successful people. In God’s grace, I myself am now enjoying the harvest of my used-to-be little seed of determination to succeed… which later on turned into my fruitful tree of desire to glorify Him in whatever I do.

When He comes to your life, you will never be the same again. When you taste the rewards of His promises, you will constantly desire to glorify Him. The sweetest surrender of life, ever—completely putting your life in His hands.