Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Onward and Upward!

Decide to improve. You are in charge of your life. Your life will only change inasmuch as you let it.

So much beauty in the world! So much things to be thankful for. So much things to enjoy.

Yet, not everybody sees them. Not all seize the good life. Let’s not cheat ourselves of the happiness we deserve!

Unlock the source of joy and blessings by being grateful.

Life is a series of choices. Some personally choose to be free and happy; others opt that other people and events dictate the kind of life they live.

Decide to improve. You are in charge of your life. Your life will only change inasmuch as you let it.

Choose to be happy; it takes a lot of energy to hold anger. Accept your situation at the moment and do something about it.

Living a passive life is a fate worse than dying the hard way. Don’t just sit down, keep silent, and refuse to risk. Own up the responsibility of making your life better and happier. Live, don’t just exist. Be grateful for the new day to live by!

When negativity peeps through, don’t mind it. Be indifferent. It will go away sooner than you think when you don’t give it attention. Plant seeds of positivity! Smile.

If people seem cruel… let them be. What matters is how you treat others and yourself. Getting even will only hurt you. Making others suffer will not make your pain go away. Fight evil with good! Understand and be compassionate.

Yes, good things are easier said than done. Nobody said worthwhile things are easy. But always remember, where there is hardship, there your growth is. So when your character is tested, keep on keeping on!

Building a good character is like building a house on a solid rock. When trials, pains, or calamities come, one will not be overwhelmed and falter; instead, one may maturely soar over these storm of difficulties and remain grateful for yet another blessing in disguise.

Take occasional breaks. Pause and breathe. Appreciate your journey… Your trials and triumphs, downs and ups are what give life texture and color. Take some time to re-introduce yourself to yourself.

Regularly check your parameters and boundaries so you know your pace and limit. Both freedom and improvement require setting limits.

It is also important that you ask life for the great desires of your heart… Ask for your dreams. Feel them. Believe you will receive them. Go get them!

Dreams don’t die. Sometimes we've just grown out of them. Then, we just need to make new ones, better ones. If we are faced with roadblocks along the way, just remember that trials are just like fire in the fiery furnace that polishes our ability and intentions so we may know clearly the good desires of our hearts.

Appreciate each day—the new days itself is a wonderful opportunity to become better.
Thank each trial—trivial things stretch you and teach you valuable lessons; they make you wiser.
Acknowledge each pain—uncomfortable feelings and situations allow you to explore your other emotions; they make you know yourself better.
Value each difficulty—hard people, things, or circumstances to deal with polish you and enable you to establish self-concept and appreciate self-worth.

Unlock your gifts, joy, and fountain of blessings by being grateful, hopeful, and by constantly utilizing the things you’ve just unlocked.

Life is a series of choices and decisions and a combination of moments—little ones that add up to big ones, and create who you are. You're not letting others make those choices for you and to dictate who you are, right?

Live. Enjoy. Improve. Keep moving onward, upward!

Keep on smiling and the world will smile with you. :-)

Flash Fiction: Wind Up

The scent of the crisp air brushing through my cheeks. The silhouette of the past that plays in my mind. The rhythm of the raindrops that outruns the beating of my heart. I let the weird yet familiar stimuli seep through me.

I take a sip of coffee. I taste the sweetness of beautiful lies. I recognize the piquancy of the bitter empty promises. Oh, the il dolce e l’amaro of the good things gone bad.

Images run faster than lightning in my head. Words play quicker than a bullet train in my ear.
I let all the emotions stir me up. I am like a bomb exploding anytime.

I breathe deeply. I pause… long pause, and I smile.

I realize I don’t know where exactly I am now… but I am sure I am no longer where I was.

I snap my fingers. Empty my cup of coffee. Stand up from the chair we used to sit on… and all the shadows of the past just fall like leaves in autumn.

All things wind up.

So I tell myself,

“Life, you are wonderful! Whatever flavors the season brings, bring it on!
Surprise my senses!
Provoke me.
Enthrall me.
Teach me.
So my senses may learn to dance with you.”