Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Unspoken Universal Language of Love IV

My last installment for my series of love thoughts for the month of February.

All these were drawn from real life experiences :-)

I thank all my friends for showing me the different faces and degrees of love.

I thank the person whom I loved the most and who, eventually, hurt me the most... without that person I wouldn’t be able to experience how it is to love unconditionally and I wouldn’t know myself this much.

I thank my late father who taught me a lot of valuable and important things about life and love during my formation stage... I can still vividly remember our conversations in our memorable folding bed when I was 4 years old. I love you papa! Our roughly 11 years together was filled with love and fun.

I thank my ever loving and supportive bestfriend-bestenemy, my favorite person, my wonder mother! I love you ma! None of your acts of love and kindness is ever discounted... I am so grateful you are our mother! You taught me the value of giving and loving without expecting anything in return--I realized, they are essential elements in living a joyful and peaceful life.

To my ever loving and faithful Lord God! Thank you for giving me all these people as your vessels of love and blessings! Thank you for calling me and letting me come before You no matter how sinful I am... and for continuously teaching and blessing me as each day unfolds. All the honor and glory be given to You, loving and faithful Lord God! :-)


Love is one of the ancient concepts that scholars, philosophers, doctors, and psychologists cannot agree on nor describe with some degree of exactitude. But for the layman, love is simply that feeling that inspires one to take a bath daily, act like a superhero, think like google, share like a philanthropist, and steal one's ID picture like a thief in the night.

55/366 of 2012 Infatuation momentarily urges you showoff; while love inspires you to become better and better each day…not to flaunt, but to give the other person the best things you think she/he deserves—yourself being the first in the list.


Happy 26th EDSA/People Power Revolution

Loving the country and fellowmen is best expressed by being a responsible individual and by possessing common honesty in dealing with others. Patriotism is not an occasional, flurried emotional outburst only manifested in times of crises or national celebrations; but a steady lifetime dedication of serving the country by contributing to our country’s development in our own daily simple ways—picking up your candy wrapper, giving back excess change, helping a kid or an elderly cross the street, driving responsibly, falling in line in taxi bays.

56/366 of 2012 Just like any other goodness we advocate, genuine love for one’s country and race starts with oneself, by being productive and doing good for the welfare of the public, even when no one is looking at you. Just like any other kind of love, be proud of your love for the country and make your patriotism be witnessed and felt by others.

Be informed. Be involved. Light one candle...pass on the light and keep the fire burning.


Sincere strong friendship shared by lovers serves as their safety buckle when their affinity soars to the heavens, dives into oceanbed, hangs over the edge, and when their hair turns gray and they comfortably sit in their rockingchairs.

57/366 of 2012 There’s a point in every relationship where each party stops loving each other as partners... then they start, loving each other as oneself.


Inasmuch as love is good, love is also willing to steal, cheat, hide, brag, and lie... Steal your pains; cheat temptations; hide your heart; brag about you to the entire world; lie beside you every single day.

58/366 of 2012 Love makes the pessimist realize countless reasons to thank God for; the stoic give up pride to give way to partner’s happiness; the idealist appreciate flaws as opportunities to make love stronger and sweeter.


Love is about respecting each other’s individuality. You don’t dictate nor impose, instead, you guide and remain as the balancer. When you’re together, you do your best to help improve each other and to make the person feel loved and extraspecial without ceasing. When it’s time to let go, you respect the decision with an open mind and open heart no matter how painful you feel, and you keep the worthkeeping and love silently without burdening the other person until you’ve totally moved on.

59/366 of 2012 You can live well on your own, but you choose to be with the other person; not because she/he is indispensable, but simply because you love her/him more than you need her/him. Chosing to be with the other person other a little less than love twists story. ;-)


There’s no greater and truly unconditional love on earth than prental love. Everyday our parents love us in various ways—both in small and great ways. We just don’t notice their love enough because we have it since birth, and we subconsciously know that their parental love lasts for a lifetime. Let us start to nurture our filial love and be expressively grateful to our mamas and papas. We don’t notice it... their getting older, we become occupied by our busy lives, yet their love remain untarnished and kindling so bright that we feel the warmth no matter how physically far we are from them.

60/366 of 2012 Our life is God’s gift to us through our parents. How we live our lives is our expression of our love to God and our gift to our parents.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Side Comment: My Two Cents Worth…

Due to the flux of conjectures on the recent  frat-related violence at San Beda College of Law, I am suddenly actuated to vent my take on a sudden dash. Ergo, here’s my off-the-cut take on the issue…

I read quite a number of messages, opinions, and standpoints on the ill-fated death of Bedan Marvin Reglos.

On one hand, Marvin definitely deserves speedy and impartial justice. On the other hand, the fratmen are protected by the due process clause and their substantive rights.

We are all entitled to our personal opinions. People may engage in heated debates and some even compromise friendships because of their legal opinions or of their emotional outbursts, or a concoction of both... It is good that we know our law and have an informed appreciation of it.

I myself have a stand on the issue...considering my yet meager knowledge on RA 8049 (Anti-Hazing Law), murder, homicide, jurisprudence, the school policy, personal experience on initiation rites, Canons, and Atty. Rene Saquisag’s discussion on Natural and Positive Law, etc.

Despite all the hullaballoo and as a “neophyte” in the “brotherhood” of administrators of justice, I am reminding myself that the court is not a forum to plead for sympathy and of the Latin maxim “Dura Lex Sed Lex” (the law is harsh, but it is the law).

Marvin must be given an impartial and efficient trial, even while he rests on his grave, as the law operates from the womb to the tomb. Meanwhile, the frat members, being innocent until proven guilty, must manfully face (as what the frat head just did) the court to adduce their own evidence and shed light on the case.

Marvin eagerly wanted to be a brother to them. Now is the time for them to become a brother to the person who once gambled his life to be with them.

San Beda being a Catholic Law School…

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. This is my command: Love each other.”--John 15:13, 17

“We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.”-- 1 Timothy 1:8

“Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.”--Proverbs 3:27

"This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another.”-- Zechariah 7:9

“Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly.”-- Leviticus 19:15

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daily Spoken Universal Language of Love III

One who loves you most wants something simple (for her/him)...
"To grow old with you and to woo you every single day."

When someone truly loves you, she/he never runs out of means loving you and making you feel special and loved...whenever, wherever you may be at.

Love is behind every miracle. Love improves people; heals wounds and illnesses; makes a grannies feel younger and stronger; attracts joy and successes; and transforms a steel heart into a sweet ball of cottoncandy.

47/366 of 2012 Your relationship will be what you imagine now that it will be. Think positively and act it out now. Nothing too difficult in true love. :-)


Love gives without remembering; helps without getting tired; forgives without ranting; understands without blaming; receives without forgetting; and cares without bidding a condition.

48/366 of 2012 “Special” in action elevates love notches higher. Don’t be in love with the idea of loving… Make sure the people you love know and feel they are special and loved. :-)


Love is not so much about how you feel... but how you let the other person feel and think.

49/366 of 2012 Sound travels faster than light. Spoken love becomes real once acted out...consistently.


When you grow older, you will look past the wrinkles of your loved one and will admire the goodness of his/her heart. You go out dating, enjoying conversations, and joyful & peaceful walks... remembering the days and just savoring the present.

50/366 of 2012 Love does not look for perfection; rather it embraces the flaws and improves it to what seems to be perfection.


Love is the strong force which can make a genius stupid and a chickenhearted the ablest. Love can destroy or improve and strenghten or weaken. Love prefers to just accept and understand than to be right...yet it has its own gentle way not to tolerate.

51/366 of 2012 Love is the fulcrum which equitably balances the emotion and the mind to bring out the best in each party.


Love exists in every fiber of our humanity. Love is not just confined between and among humans; but also between man and animals and man, hobby, food, object, subject, season, color, place, etc. Love is the element which brings colors and meanings to what we do moment after moment.

52/366 of 2012 Where your heart is, there your treasure will also be. Pursue your passion and joy and success will find their way chasing after you.


Ash Wednesday :-)
As we enter the Season of Lent, let us contemplate on how His great love steadfastly provides answers to our cry for help, heals our broken spirits, and saves us from our self-made troubles… no matter how many times we failed Him.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. This is my command: Love each other. (John 15:13, 17)

53/366 of 2012 "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love."—1 John 4:18


Love is like a special room with an open door... some just pass by it; others peep through it; still others dare to step one foot in; some come in, stay for a time then leave; and select others willingly come in, bring the sun inside, make a colorful world with you, and initiate teaching you how to dance and enliven each of the four seasons so you will never decide to leave the world he made just for you.

54/366 of 2012 You know its love when you recognize the imperfections, deficiencies, and see tails and horns; yet you long to embrace, admire, and zealously help improve the person... and thank God at night for the lovely critter who steals your last bite of chocolate.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daily Spoken Universal Language of Love II

Life is more beautiful when filled with love... genuine love. J

Letting go of someone/something you love is like putting your favorite toy in a donation box. You will miss it but you know someone deserves it more... and peace of mind and joy will follow anytime soon. The universe will repay your good heart and your good deed/intention will attract goodness for sure :-)

38/366 of 2012 One hint to a relationship you can grow old with joyfully is when you can lay with each other and just talk about anything and everything and tap various emotions for hours.


The magnanimous thing we can do to our loved one is to love in the "now" and not to be trapped in the past nor be fascinated by the anticipation of tomorrow. Loving with your best now rolls up priceless memories and prevents rues.

39/366 of 2012 Love more today than yesterday...


A person's greatest asset is not a head full of knowledge nor hands ready to drudge all day long to dig out riches; rather, it's a heart full of love that's fueling passion and a corollary of conscience.

40/366 of 2012 Love is that inherent power to do what is right.


Love is blind. Our mothers loved us first before they could even see us. Nonetheless, love is wise. It coexists with the mind.

41/366 of 2012 You know it's genuine love when it is given even before it's been asked for.


Love is often unconsciously associated with obsession. Love makes relationships blissful and meaningful while obsession makes relationships painful and meaningless.

42/366 of 2012 Love inspires the zeal. Obsession expires zeal.


Relationship lasts long if it is a love triangle. You, your partner, and God.

43/366 of 2012 Make your partner your second love—nothing more, nothing less—next to God.


Loving is not a routine nor a goal. It is the very method of living--the way you look at life and the way you live every moment of it :-)

44/366 of 2012 Love without ceasing. Love without asking... Just love.


Everyday is a LOVE day. Some just don’t notice they are being loved; while others don’t know they are expressing their love. No one lacks love for God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Consciously love yourself enough, for you cannot give what you don’t have. God, our unconditional lover, will give us more of what we have if we know how to share them.

45/366 of 2012 Know your love language; so everyday you can express it best—quality time, affirmation, touch, gift, or service.


In genuine loving... simple things make great memories, little time brings lasting joy, mere presence becomes entire world, imperfections effects perfection, difficulties spur inspiration, spaces inspires growth.

46/366 of 2012 Relationship is always best shared through a conversation over a meal.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Daily Spoken Universal Language of Love

Just a daily love thought for the month  :-)
Inspired by God's love   <')))))<

Nowadays when almost everything has a price tag, love does't make the world go round... money does. But for the ardent sage, LOVE makes the ride worthwhile. :-)

32/366 of 2012. Love is in the air... must be everyday!


Treat your partner how you would want your dad [mom] treat your mom [dad].

"Single" is an opportunity discover yourself in different aspects, serve your parents and spend time with your family, have fun with friends til you drop, and serve Him with undivided attention :-)

33/366 of 2012. Love must be shared, not contained :-)


Love even in the most unlikely situation; adore even the simplest facet; and enjoy even the smallest things in life--because one day you will look back and realize they were the minute details that could have brought the best feelings and lessons in life :-)

34/366 of 2012 Love life; go out; and inspire people.


When you love many (family, friends, a partner) and one is lost, you wouldn't be drowned by tears nor grieve for long... because your permeating love magnets love and assures you that you will never be alone. Love is a positive feeling and never burdening. Love enough that you don't make one an idol. Love unconditionally. Understand maturely. Accept genuinely. Respect sincerely.

35/366 of 2012 Love is a language that everybody understands--wherever you may go.


Enjoy and seize your time with the persons you love. Love like today is the last. Expose yourself to various feelings and don't be afraid to get hurt. Focus on the lessons pain brings and not on the fleeting negative feeling. Loving is growing! When you stumble; stand up with a grateful and trusting heart--take a rest for a while to retrospect and boost your self-respect. Then, move forward with a refreshed smile and a heart never tired of loving and learning and sharing (the great feeling of love).

36/366 of 2012 Love will make its way to repay all the love you give :-)


Loving is like that ABC on your kindergarten classroom wall. You can do it anywhere at anytime, with eyes closed, once learned by heart...

Admire the Beauty inside-out
Constantly Devote with Empathetic Fidelity
Generously apply Humor
Integrity, Joy, and Kindness embraced by each
Love in Moderation—but Newly and Openly shared daily
Purposefully give Quiet time to allow Retrospection and Self-actualization
Trust and Understand each
Value each Wholeheartedly with Youthful Zeal

37/366 of 2012 Loving is an overflowing of the heart not of the mouth. It is a constant "work" in progress. :-)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Rewind and Refuel

We all have dreams. Dreams are for free! And sometimes, we want them so badly that we pray for them night and day.

Dream job, ideal relationship, comfortable house, car... Whatever we dream of, they all have one thing in common--excitement!

All our dreams excited us at one point. And there must be a good reason why we work hard to achieve them, why we can't sleep just thinking about them, why we pray for them, and so on.

However, there are moments when we already have them our excitement dwindles and we gradually take them for granted.

A friend once told me, "I once dreamt to land on this job. Now that I got it, I am not sure if I am still happy." Another friend said, "I was head-over-heels with my girl, and she is till the lovely lady I fell in love with, but the spark has gone."

What steals our attention and feelings? Our perspective.

Just like a camera lens, when we're out of focus, our visions blur making us overlook the details and reasons that brought us to that subject.

Revisit the times when you were hungering for that dream you have now fulfilled. List down the reasons why you wanted it so badly, and from there, press on those items everyday so you are always reminded of the reasons that once fueled you to achieve and move upwards toward that goal.

Do not forget your start off point. Instead, make it a platform for you to reach your next destination. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with your first pitstop all your life and will go round the rotund whining and ranting.

It's much easier to push your dreamcart up the hill, than pull it forward in the plain.

Revisit. Focus! Anchor your attention to where your heart started off. Then move forward to your next destination with the recall of the things that excited you... And capture every turn, detour, checkpoint, people you hitchhike as you journey to your next pitstop [dream].

Don't let any distraction steal your momentum!

Align your viewfinder. Focus. Capture!

Rewind. Revisit feelings. Refuel! ...and dream again, and achieve it!